New teas, teawares, and online tea courses launch April 1, 2023.


Peek into my background…

My name is Yao Yao; my first name is Yao, and my last name is Yao. Very easy to remember. I founded Yao Cha on September 26th, 2021. Yao is my family name, and Cha is the pronunciation and meaning of tea in Chinese.

My passion for tea and culture led me to study Chinese tea art in Beijing in 2019. I am a certified tea art specialist and licensed tea evaluation intermediate-level technician issued by the China Ministry of Human Resources department.

I spent the last year in the heartland of the United States studying, hands-on, permaculture and regenerative organic agriculture (ROA). This time, let me reconnect with myself and our planet Earth as part of a larger universal oneness through meditation, tea arts, and Qi Gong.

It is my mission and pleasure to share tea arts, Qi Gong and meditation as part of a holistic way of life. a way of reconnecting with ourselves and this beautiful planet we inhabit. Health, happiness, peace, and love, immortality, and vitality exist within and throughout us, complete and whole as we are.


China National Intermediate Level Tea Evaluation

Certified Senior Tea Art Specialist, Bei Jing China

Regenerative Organic Agriculture Study

Qi Gong Training with Dr Jesse Tsao

Traditional Thai Medicine Training with Dr Boonchu

 Additional Training