Hello and thank you for visiting my website. I hope this overview of my background helps you understand my passion for culture, tea, regenerative agriculture, and physical movement.

My name is Yao Yao, and my family name and surname is Yao, meaning the five elements of wood, fire, earth, water, metal, and sun and moon.

As a child growing up in China, I was introduced to the significance of culture through my Chinese classical dance and calligraphy courses that started when I was seven years old. Later, when I began studying abroad in 2009, I became more interested in sharing my cultural heritage with friends and people who were interested in Chinese culture, particularly the art of tea.

My passion for tea led me to study under Mrs. Tu Ting at the XianLai Wushi-Mingnuzi Tea Academy in Beijing 2019, where I earned my certification as a senior tea art specialist and a licensed tea evaluation intermediate-level technician from the China Ministry of Human Resources. Mrs. Tu Ting is a tea educator with a master's degree in tea, as well as a China National tea art competition judge and China National advanced tea art technician. I am grateful for the knowledge and skills she imparted to me during my time at Beijing.

In order to understand the soil and water for my tea studies. In 2021-2022 I spent time in Iowa, the heart of Farm-land, to participate in the Regenerative Organic Agriculture Program at MIU, where I acquired invaluable practical knowledge of permaculture and regenerative organic agriculture techniques from experienced and renowned mentors, including our professor, Steve McLaskey, who received a Ph.D. in horticulture from Cornell University in 1997. He had such a profound passion and love for nature and healthy lifestyle that there was so much to learn from him. After finished the program , I traveled to Southeast Asia, where I visited tea plantations and deepened my understanding of organic tea practices. 

My dedication to enhancing human performance and movement led me to become a certified Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) and Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I'm also certified in orthopedic sports massage from Whitney Lowe, trained in sports injury and orthopedic massage from James Waslaski, and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization training under Rehabilitation Prague School. I also received private training in Qi Gong with Master Jesse Tsao since 2013, a gold medalist in the Beijing Collegiate Wushu Competition in 1980, PhD in Wushu from Shanghai Sport University who taught me not only the physical forms but also the philosophy and way of life behind these practices.

I believe that tea arts, Qi Gong, and meditation are essential components of a holistic lifestyle that helps us reconnect with ourselves and our world. This knowledge also allows me to fully appreciate and benefit from the healing power of tea. 

I am currently pursuing a degree in Regenerative Organic Agriculture to deepen my understanding of the subject and hope to share my knowledge with others.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. Let's celebrate the beauty of life with every sip of tea!

Infinite blessings,

Yao Yao 姚曜