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Painted by Paige Allison


Hello everyone,

My name is Yao Yao, my first name is Yao, and my last name is Yao. Very easy to remember.

I’m from the beautiful city of Hang Zhou, China. It’s a very historical and modern city famous for West Lake, Dragon Well green tea, silk, bamboo, and its delicious food.

My passion for tea and culture led me to study Chinese tea art in Beijing. I am a certified tea art specialist and licensed tea evaluation intermediate-level technician issued by the China Ministry of Human Resources department. I pursued my education in Regenerative Organic Agriculture and Permaculture program at Maharishi International University to understand soil, water, and organic cultivation practice.

As a licensed massage therapist specializes in sports injuries and clinical rehabilitation and Qi Gong practitioner, I'm dedicated to the enhancement of human movement, performance, and healthy lifestyle through Qi Gong

Thank you for being part of this journey with me.

Yours in tea,

Yao Yao


Certified Senior Tea Art Specialist, Bei Jing China

 China National Intermediate Level Tea Evaluation Technician