A visit to an organic tea farm in Chiang Mai

I have been preparing for a tea journey for awhile. On November 28th, I flew to Bangkok. The journey was not easy after a twenty-hour flight, but the excitement is not going to stop me from heading to the next destination.

Took a ten-hour night bus to Chiang Mai after arriving in Thailand on the third day. I visited an organic tea plantation - Araksa Organic Tea Garden.

After learning about the ROA program. I was able to recognize their purpose in growing lemongrass and banana trees along with the tea plants: to act as major anti-pesticides, add minerals and nutrients to the soil, and appreciate their organic practices for the tea and the earth.

I was very excited to observe all the different varieties of their "jobs" on the tea plantation, especially the organic matter surrounding each plant and insects happily enjoying life here.

Nature gives us opportunities to learn who we are and generously gives us the gift of tea.




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