Chat with the owner of Monsoon Tea in Chiang Mai

I entered Monsoon Tea, a lovely tea shop.

Mr. Kenneth, the founder and CEO of Monsoon Tea, and we had a nearly three-hour tea conversation. He is extremely knowledgeable, having traveled and learned about tea for over twenty years, and his vision of sustainable development goals—reforestation—will create a better world for future generations of tea lovers and tea farmers.

I learned the idea of "forest-friendly" agriculture from him: tea plants should or are supposed to grow in harmony with forests, free from pesticides or irrigation systems to maintain the natural wildlife habitat. Tea doesn't really belong to any country; it comes from the Zomia region.

Mr. Kenneth shared with me a traditional tea food made with fresh tea leaves, and tasted some wild teas. My hometown has been using tea leaves as part of the ingredients for delicious dishes. But I never had this type of tea food before, Miang, and luckily after Mr. Kenneth told the story of Miang, I realized I had learned this from a tea class in China; it’s the true origin of tea. Now it’s right in front of me. Just feel amazed.

I had an incredible learning experience from Mr. Kenneth; his passion and mission of reforestation will make the tea smile.


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